Headquarters: Albuquerque, NM
Employees: 51 – 200
Industry: Manufacturing

Quell uses FileMaker to manage their manufacturing production workflow, beginning with their sales orders from customers through to invoicing and managing their books in Genesis Accounting. Codence built a barcoding system for measuring productivity and tracking order status as products are built.

From maxed out DIY…

From its earliest days in business, Quell’s pragmatic approach to solving problems—its clients and its own—has been front and center. They chose a practical, affordable approach to their business systems, building just what they needed when they needed it using FileMaker as a platform.

Like many other businesses, Quell found that FileMaker provided maximum flexibility and ease, without the need for advanced coding. Over time, they’ve built several dozen DIY solutions, including a customer relationship management system (CRM), a parts management database, an invoicing module, and literally dozens more. Their entire business runs on FileMaker. When Quell needed a new accounting system, Genesis Accounting was the obvious choice. Built on FileMaker, Genesis Accounting provided them a robust, proven system that integrated perfectly with their FileMaker ecosystem.

…To maxed out business impact

As Quell’s systems became more complex, it knew that partnering with FileMaker development experts to optimize them could help increase productivity, ensure higher standards of product quality, and improve customer service. Based on the unique combination of deep expertise in FileMaker and in finance and accounting, they chose Codence to help evolve their systems to the next level.

Quell and Codence started by upgrading all their FileMaker systems. Codence quickly became part of Quell’s team, with a joint monthly review to prioritize and process requests for new features and functionality. In this way, Quell maximizes the value it gets from FileMaker by working with developers who know how to make it work best, and Quell employees can easily and quickly adapt the systems to the evolving needs of the business.

Quell also looks to Codence as a partner for new development, including a new initiative to increase productivity and quality by automating its manufacturing process. With this new system, Quell employees equipped with iPads and a barcoding solution will be able to quickly determine in just a few clicks where any given order is at any time. For customers that are on tight deadlines, this responsiveness is crucial.

Quell Improves the Bottom Line by Applying Equal Parts Pragmatism and Expertise

Have you ever experienced that moment of angst when you realize you forgot to turn your cell phone off and you’re 30 minutes into a flight? Go ahead and turn it off when you remember. You can also rest a little easier in knowing that Quell Corporation makes devices that, among many other things, protect flight communications from disruption by things like your cell phone. Quell’s highly specialized connector insert device keeps your flight on track by minimizing the electronic noise between the airplane’s altimeter and cockpit communications system. Quell supplies devices like these to aerospace clients like Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Boeing to reduce electronic noise in high-value electronic systems.

Engineers in warehouse checking stock with tablet

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Partnering for Productivity

Together, Quell and Codence have created a robust FileMaker-based portfolio of business systems that enable Quell to constantly innovate – improving the way they do business and their bottom line.

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