Claris Rapid-Response Technology

by Scott Love - Partner

Rapid-Response Technology

Over the past years, many businesses have been confronted either with questions of survival or with how to adapt to the reality of Covid-19. Many of our clients have been directly impacted as have their technology needs.

In considering how Codence can help, I have been speaking to clients and business leaders all the more about Claris technologies’ “rapid response” capabilities: Claris FileMaker and Claris Connect both enable innovation and lower the technical barriers our clients face. This mission is even more relevant in the face of our current global crisis.

Spin Up a Database in Minutes

Claris FileMaker — particularly when hosted by Claris Cloud, but also for on-premise and other cloud-based hosting options – allows a developer to create a new file, establish quick access permissions, and get a database hosted within minutes.

One of our clients provides services to expectant and new mothers. They’ve had to shift from an entirely in-person service to now entirely virtual. As a grant-funded non-profit, they’ve begun tracking new research into family health, post-partum challenges, and other issues as a consequence of Covid-19. With Claris FileMaker, they were able to get a simple research tool set up within just a few hours.

Another client is re-tooling to manufacture masks – they need support with materials testing, and it was trivial for the team to add entirely new attributes to their test solution to support how well a given material blocks the transmission of microorganisms.

Integrate in Moments

We have another client using Mailchimp to broadcast information to a network of business owners and customers in the supply chain industry. They need to immediately coordinate lists and track which businesses have been directly impacted, which logistics companies face shortages or delays, and identify alternate sources. Claris Connect allowed them to easily tie email campaigns into their client database and quickly relate communication with a new array of statuses and supply conditions.

Innovation by Necessity

Claris technologies allow for experimentation, rapid development, and a focus on teams. Solutions built on the Claris FileMaker platform are, by definition, shared and hosted. As organizations shift to remote work, these tools can help teams work together while not literally be together.

As businesses adapt to the changes imposed by Covid-19, they can leverage Claris technologies and solutions built or modified within hours. Necessity is the mother of all invention – the urgency of our times calls for tools and platforms that allow us all to drive rapid change.

This crisis is forcing many businesses to adapt or face layoffs and worse. For many, the right technology can absolutely make a difference.

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