Claris Update Webinar

by Danielle Borges - Marketing & Sales Director

Claris delivered a webinar featuring Brad Freitag and other Claris leaders a few weeks ago. It included updates about our Claris Community, Claris Platform updates, more info about their coming free tier, and more.


Claris reinforced its vision and upcoming release plans for the platform and stressed that they are a “developer-first company.” They shared examples of how they constantly collaborate with their community of developers to create more value and tools for solving complex problems that matter to organizations worldwide.


Claris is going through a product transition. They are making significant investments across the board in their flagship product Claris Pro (renamed from FileMaker), and in Claris Connect and Claris Studio. Their mission remains the same: to enable problem-solvers to create intelligent, agile solutions to address challenges in their day-to-day work.


As a Claris platinum partner, we embrace this journey as we focus on creating real positive change for our clients. Our vision aligns with Claris’ purpose and values; as partners, we look forward to supporting our mutual purpose.

Eliminating Barriers

One of Claris’ most impactful strategies is reducing barriers, focusing on ease of use, and shortening the distance between problem and solution. This covers the gamut from features, product plans, deployment, hosting in Claris Cloud, and even in its licensing strategy.


The Claris platform is now available on the Mac App Store for more organic discoverability, and soon Claris will offer a free tier that will allow anyone to come in and experience the platform in the coming months. Make sure you sign up to get on the list and notified when it becomes available. 

Cultivating Talent

Claris is further focused on growing developers and increasing their capability. They had great success with Qwasar, Apple academy, and other boot camps. Claris is asking the Claris community to support and assist these up-and-coming developers. Here at Codence, our Apprenticeship program engages students (often non-traditional candidates and career changers) to learn the Claris platform, software development, and consulting practices.

We’ve managed apprenticeships for the past few years and hired or placed nearly a dozen people in new roles. Some have been employed at sponsor client organizations, and some work for Codence. We appreciate being able to grow the greater Claris community, help our clients succeed, and — most importantly — start new careers. If you want to partner with us and hire a Claris developer in your organization, reach out, and we’ll be happy to share our success stories.

At the beginning of the webinar, our very own Application Developer, Justin Pfefferle, shared, “Without Claris FileMaker, I’m not sure what my career would be.” Justin is a brilliant developer, and we are so glad he joined our apprenticeship program several years ago.

Alex Tooly, also featured on the webinar, is another graduate of our program and an example of the benefits of a non-traditional entry point into programming and Claris FileMaker development. Today Alex is responsible for a mission-critical system supporting an extended community of vendors and distributors for a major buyer’s collective.

Ready to sponsor your apprentice? Learn more about our Claris Apprenticeship Program here.


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