Q&A Spotlight with Phil Bowman

by Danielle Borges - Marketing & Sales Director

It is with great pleasure and excitement we introduce you to our latest team addition – Phil Bowman! Phil is taking the role of Application Developer at Codence. He has been working in FileMaker and SQL for 13 years and has enjoyed developing solutions in many industries.

Phil lives in Springfield, Missouri, with his wife, Cody. For pleasure, he enjoys reading mystery novels, technical drawing, and wood carving. He loves to travel and tour microbreweries as well.

– What drew you to Codence?

I was drawn to Codence because I wanted to work in an environment where solutions in software is the product. I have mostly worked on FileMaker solutions at the end user’s organization.

– Tell us a bit about your role here at Codence? 

I am an Application Developer at Codence. I build solutions that fit the customer’s needs based on the requirements specified. Seeing a customer prosper as a result of the solution, is my pleasure and why I love what I do!

– How did you get started with FileMaker?

I started with FileMaker in 2008. My father discovered it while he was looking for a solution to manage some data for his church. He showed me the little that he knew, at that point, and I ran with it. We opened a database company together about a year after that

– What is your favorite thing about FileMaker?

FileMaker can do just about anything required of it as long as you have the patience and sometimes bravery. I think what I like about FileMaker the most is that it is inspiring in itself. The possibilities of what can be achieved and the many different ways to do the same thing make it incredibly versatile. It is a blank canvas, full of potential.

– What’s the most interesting thing you can see out of your office or kitchen window?

The most interesting thing I can see out of my window is the neighbors black, cherry condition, Corvette Stingray.

– Would you rather win the lottery or work at the perfect job? And why?

I would rather work a perfect job. A lot of money would definitely be convenient, but I would live longer and happier if it had the perfect job.

– If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

“Crabby when hungry”

– I hear you like mystery novels. What is your go to recommendation?

I do like mystery novels! My ‘go to ‘ would be Along Came A Spider by James Patterson. Highly recommend.

– What kind of craft beer is your favorite?

My favorite craft beer is one called Purple Haze, made by Abita.

– What makes you laugh?

Things that make me laugh include, but are not limited to: Sketch comedy and my dogs.

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