Community Health Log – Covid-19

by Scott Love - Partner


One of our team members was recently tasked by a Fortune-100 company to build a tool to assist with the management of their multi-location campus and Covid-19 response. Our client graciously allowed us to revise the tool for general use.

We were given a few days to create a FileMaker app that consumed logs from their badge sign-in system and help correlate and identify individuals who may have been exposed to the virus.

We’ve taken the initial concept and revised it for public use, and offer it here free, without restriction. We hope it can help your organization.

If you don’t have a sign-in badge system in place, the app includes a simple QR code mechanism you can use: print the QR codes and tape them to the entrances of your facility. You and your colleagues can “sign in” via your mobile phones and the app will track your visits.

Alternatively, you can enter data manually, import from other systems, or with a modest effort integrate directly. Claris FileMaker is a robust, full-featured platform that can be modified, extended, and connected with many different technologies. This app is provided with full access credentials – feel free to modify the file as you choose.

Once you have log data in the app, you’ll be able to plot potential exposure by person, by location, and identify individuals who may be high priorities for notification. You’ll have a heat map of locations in the scenario your business or organization spans more than one address.

We hope you find the file useful. We’re assuming familiarity with FileMaker, but we did take pains to ensure the file serve as a good example of best practices. Perhaps it can serve as a springboard for further ideas.

We hope you’re able to stay safe and healthy.

Scott Love


Scott is an expert in FileMaker and other technologies, with decades of software development and a lifelong love for inventing new apps. Deeply passionate about both project management and design. His family has deep roots in Colorado, he loves spending time in the mountains, and is an enthusiastic cook.

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