Oncology Services International

Oncology Services

Headquarters: Montvale, NJ
Employees: 51 – 200
Industry: Medical

Oncology Services International, a leading provider of service for radiation therapy equipment, uses FileMaker to manage its complex invoicing and inventory needs across multiple locations. Codence assisted with integrating Genesis Transactions into their current FileMaker solutions.

Partners for Patients

Oncology Services International turned to Tony Celini, CFO/CIO of Cab, Inc., an independent FileMaker expert, to upgrade both their FileMaker and accounting systems. Not only was their outdated accounting software sluggish in a multi-user environment, but it also didn’t work with the operating system of the entirely Mac OS company. Knowing Oncology Services International’s complex invoicing and inventory needs, Tony championed Genesis Accounting as a solution.

Oncology Services International’s accounting team needed confidence that their solution would perform well, securely manage data, and give them the control they needed over their financials. Tony brought his deep grasp of their business to his work with OSI but wasn’t an accounting expert; for that, he turned to Codence.

Easy Collaboration

Codence partnered with Tony and the team at Oncology Services International to help leverage the full power of Genesis. The combined dev team integrated Genesis Accounting and then customized the solution to facilitate the syncing and reconciliation of data between multiple locations. Instead of locations having to be in constant communication to maintain up-to-date information, they can access a single source repository that’s always current and tightly managed to protect both secure patient data and financial information.

“The upgrade to FileMaker 17 was painless and seamless for both me and my clients. The Genesis Accounting modules are rock solid and bulletproof. The accounting controls built into Genesis have not suffered a glitch after any upgrade over the years; a testimony to the strength of the FileMaker platform and the great design of Genesis.” Tony Celini, CFO/CIO, Cab, Inc.

Oncology Services International Improves Patient Care with Genesis Accounting

Oncology Services International has been a member of Avante Health Solutions since 2016, and its simple mission is based on the belief that through providing great equipment, parts, service, and support, they can help deliver the best possible care and outcomes for patients.


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Focus on Patients

By relying on the team at Codence, Tony was able to deliver a best-of-class solution for Oncology Services International and the doctors and patients they support.

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Codence brings deep accounting expertise to its work on the FileMaker platform. We are able to support other developers and happy to partner to deliver accounting solutions with dependable reliability and control. Let us know how we can help.

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