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Efficiency for Fitness


Owner Dylan Ulrich had recently purchased 10Ten Fitness, previously a franchise. With a clear vision of where he wanted to take the business, Ulrich decided to depart the franchise model and make the business his own. But in that process, he lost the software applications previously available to him through the former parent company. Forced to start from scratch, Ulrich knew what he liked and disliked about the previous software – and he knew that it had been written in FileMaker. He set out to find a partner who could build back his software, customized to his needs, with the aspects he liked from the previous software – none of the stuff that cluttered the experience for him as a business owner.

The challenge of recreating and optimizing the old software Ulrich had once had access to was the first challenge Codence faced, but certainly not the only one. Aside from factoring in the specifics of what worked best for the business and what was unnecessary for the new software application, Codence had a limited number of hours and budget to apply to the project – making it crucial to get it right the first time. A deep understanding of the client’s needs and requirements – coupled with on-the-fly resourcefulness about last-minute changes – was vital to meeting the budget and timeline. 


  • Headquarters: Sarasota, FL
  • Employees: 1-30
  • Industry: Fitness and Health

10Ten’s evidence-based methodologies required a streamlined, intuitive, and interactive application to replace the old-school clipboard-and-stopwatch approach to tracking client progress. 



Codence spent significant time understanding what a client’s typical first interaction with 10Ten might be like, as well as subsequent visits and regular training appointments. While not a CRM, specifically, a certain amount of helpful information capture was a must. From there, the new application made entering client information seamless for trainers. The new application also allowed trainers to highlight important information on individual clients, such as if a client was newly postpartum or was recovering from a recent surgery or injury. This affected an overall emphasis on client wellness, safety, and trainer efficacy. By building a progressive disclosure system into the application and giving trainers tailored insights into how clients were performing over time, Codence allowed trainers visibility into each client’s performance to optimize their results and safety with data-informed assurance.

Another factor of the readouts provided by Codence in the new application was truly pragmatic and a huge time-saver: easily adjusting each fitness station or machine to the individual client’s body and biomechanics. The application further streamlined the training process by allowing clients to see how each client needed a station set in terms of basic things like seat height and headrest settings.

One other huge change was the ability for trainers to backup client records and data, including emailing a PDF of the completed workout to themselves or their client. Providing a single-sheet readout of progress and work output required only a few taps and empowers trainers and clients with a full picture of how the client is progressing.


20 hours

Per month, per trainers saved on tracking and recording


sheets of paper and ink saved daily

35 hours

to deliver the completed initial application


Codence was able to secure a highly mobile, tech-savvy, streamlined system requiring only an iPad and an Apple Pencil for trainers to record client progress. And by “streamlined,” that includes more than just the functionality. The end result was also on-brand, drawing from colors already present in 10Ten’s branding and website. 

Trainers can easily record progress while still maintaining attention on the most important part of their business: the client. Easily accessible and large-print clock functionality was crucial in achieving 10Ten’s patented “10-second flexion, 10-second extension” training style. The performant capabilities of the application were multifaceted; trainer-facing and client-facing, with clients focusing on the time clock counting down during very concentrated movements. Just as easily, the application allows trainer tracking and feedback, allowing a 360-degree functionality that truly met the needs of 10Ten Fitness and its clients.


  • 10Ten Fitness calls this “Their” application – true ownership of the technology
  • Ability to own additional studios and rollout the application easily and with great scalability and data sharing between locations, positioning Ulrich to expand his empire seamlessly from a tech perspective.
  • Saving on overhead costs and unnecessary time allows 10Ten to be competitive in their area for price, providing better access to more potential clients and seeing massive growth in their business.
  • Trainers no longer need to build in additional time for printing, editing, or hand-writing charts and records.
  • Scheduling and making changes on the fly is simple and intuitive.

For businesses looking for intuitive and creative ways to serve customers and clients, custom software can be the answer to a multitude of challenges. Reach out to Codence to learn more about how we can optimize an application that genuinely empowers your business and employees to the next level. 

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